Witnessing at Cervantino

Members of the Family International attended Festival Internacional Cervantino 2009. They stayed at a campground, witnessed and had some prominent Family musicians perform including Jeremy Spencer and Vas Myers.

I didn’t attend (wish I had), however I was able to round up some pics from around the web. (Note: If you attended Cervantino and want to send us a write up, blurb or testimony we will post it.) Enjoy the pics!

The Family International Podcasts ROCK!

I’m loving the podcasts that this team has been putting together regularly. Sometimes you just want a little variety in your devotions or a short pick-me-up and there’s lots of great material at The Family International Podcasts. (You don’t need an iPod to listen to them, there’s a host of ways to subscribe.)

The BiblePod is just like what my dad used to do when I was a kid, he’d read us a Psalm each day in the morning and I’m thinking of playing these for my kids when they wake up in the morning to help them start their day.

If you were to string together the Daily Praise with the Daily Might and From Jesus With Love and top it off with Connection through Meditation that’d make between 10-15 minutes of variety.

And hey, that’s not to mention all the great Activated material on there too. I just haven’t gotten around to listening to those yet. I’ll bet you could put together a great playlist for the day. But what are you listening to me for? I’m sold, but the site sells itself, check it out: http://podcasts.thefamily.org

Change program — the times are a changin

This isn’t news within the Family International but I wanted to link to this post that the Family International’s spiritual leaders gave at CESNUR earlier this year. This article provides a nice summary of the current direction and changes with the family. So without further ado please see: CESNUR presentations.

It’s a long but worthwhile read if you are interested in the direction that the family is headed and haven’t had a chance to read about the “Change Program” — Here are a few quotes.

Perspective on the Second Coming Considering the future of the Family and the change this will entail led Maria and me to discuss the time frame for the second coming of Jesus Christ. We ultimately conjectured that this may not occur for another 30–50 years.

Our intention is to bring about substantial change within the Family. We are after significant differences from the way we have thought and operated in the past. We want to unhitch the Family from anything of the past that hinders us from fulfilling our mission, our core purpose.