Statement from The Family International (TFI) regarding Nathaniel Enright

International Public Affairs Desk for The Family International

In light of the recent reports regarding the case of Nathaniel Enright, who was found guilty by the court in Australia of numerous sexual offenses, TFI wishes to state the following:

Nathaniel Enright was born to a former TFI member and resided within TFI communities until he was 16 years of age. According to his statements at court, Nathaniel departed the movement in 1996.

TFI does not condone in any way the acts for which Enright was prosecuted. Our position on such actions is that they are morally wrong and detrimental, as well as a sin in the eyes of God.

The Family International has a zero tolerance policy in regards to the abuse of minors (for the most recent articulation of this policy, see ). The movement will immediately expel and excommunicate any member deemed guilty of physically or sexually abusive behavior towards children. Members are advised to conduct themselves in conformance with the laws of the jurisdiction in which they live and to cooperate with the justice system of the land.

TFI’s policy for the protection of minors was adopted in 1986, when Enright was 6 years old. The organization acknowledges with regret that prior to the adoption of this policy, cases occurred where minors were exposed to sexually inappropriate behavior between 1978 and 1986. This was addressed in 1986 when any sexual contact between an adult and minor was officially banned and, subsequently in 1989 declared an excommunicable offense. This policy has remained unchanged for over two decades, and the Family’s Charter (first published in 1995), reaffirms this standard.

Extensive jurisprudence exists regarding children of TFI members in Australia that clearly demonstrates that Enright’s claims are unfounded. Intensive investigations were conducted of Family communal homes and children in 1992, as a result of raids whereby over a hundred children were taken into temporary care and subjected to intensive physical and psychological evaluations. The end result was that all children were returned to their homes and court reports stated that not a single child manifested any signs of abusive treatment of any kind. In fact, a number of the children subjected to the investigation in Sydney were awarded damages, rumored to have been in the millions, for the harm they suffered. (For a summary of these proceedings, see

It is a matter of grave concern to all who believe in the moral imperative of protecting minors that the court accepted a psychological evaluation that would seem to justify serious sex offenses against numerous minors, based on unsubstantiated claims. If Mr. Enright is indeed guilty as charged, one can only hope that counseling is being provided to ensure his rehabilitation and to avoid other minors being harmed.

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4 thoughts on “Statement from The Family International (TFI) regarding Nathaniel Enright

  1. Thank God for justice regarding this particular case. As a former full time disciple member, and a positive minded associate, such sinful activity in the name of God makes no sense to me, as it is contra-indicative toward true Christian living. While I was with the Family for 7 years, I was never told it was OK told to be involved sexually with children, nor have I ever seen such activity in any colony I had ever lived in, in any country I ever lived in. It’s just plain wrong and not of God. Santiago

  2. I’m now in my 50′s but joined T.F.I. when I was 17 yrs. old. I agree with the above person because I too was never told it was o.k. to be sexually involved with children. I never saw this activity in the homes I lived in and I was in the Family for 3yrs. To this day I beieve it’s wrong and not of God as well. I personally feel the reboot has helped T.F.I. become more inclusive and has helped them reach even more people around the world. God Bless them fror dedicating their lives to reach the lost in whatever way Jesus shows them too personally.

  3. I wanted to add a bit more onto the last sentence in the paragraph I sent. “G.B.T. for dedicating their lives to reach the lost in whatever way jesus shows them to personally, in the spirit of love.

    I checked all these articles you have on this sight fighting the negative attacks of some. Really insightfull and my prayers are with you there at the public affairs desk often. Love Holly

  4. I joined in 1971 but left full membership in the 1990s and “fell out of fellowship” during “the naughts” as the Brits call the first decade of the 21st century, but deeply grateful for the Biblical knowledge I learned, and the intellectual conviction that the Bible is true. And for the prophecies I see getting fulfilled before our eyes in world events.

    From my experience, even during the period mentioned, before the explicit ban, I knew one adult who was on probation for an incident involving consensual intimacy with an older teenager. I met another ex-member once that had been expelled after being caught with a young boy. There was another one I knew of where the member was excommunicated for merely touching a 16-year old girl (with her consent). Another where a husband was expelled for intimacy with a new member, and his wife for defending her husband.

    Satan would surely like to besmirch the name of the most on-fire devoted disciples of Christ on Earth today, just like he did back in the day of the Pharisees and still today in the Babylonian Talmud and in secular “academic” fake histories about the New Testament Christians. Better to be like the Bereans than the gossips bearing tales…

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