Change program — the times are a changin

This isn’t news within the Family International but I wanted to link to this post that the Family International’s spiritual leaders gave at CESNUR earlier this year. This article provides a nice summary of the current direction and changes with the family. So without further ado please see: CESNUR presentations.

It’s a long but worthwhile read if you are interested in the direction that the family is headed and haven’t had a chance to read about the “Change Program” — Here are a few quotes.

Perspective on the Second Coming Considering the future of the Family and the change this will entail led Maria and me to discuss the time frame for the second coming of Jesus Christ. We ultimately conjectured that this may not occur for another 30–50 years.

Our intention is to bring about substantial change within the Family. We are after significant differences from the way we have thought and operated in the past. We want to unhitch the Family from anything of the past that hinders us from fulfilling our mission, our core purpose.

Getting some peace of mind in changing times

Most of us are thinking about our futures right now, it’s almost as though with “The Change Journey” the ceiling and all consecutive ceiling’s have been ripped off my personal skyscraper and I’m looking up from ground floor at all the possibilities, it’s dizzying, frustrating, scary, and exhilarating all at the same time.

Feeling this way made Simon Wilson’s article: “NL-2009-7-Exit, Novi Sad, Serbia” stick in my head.

I see that no matter what these changes bring in our mission center & even the Family International as an organization, the fundamentals of our job & our faith will never change. No matter how much our methods change the message will always essentially be the same. It’s amazing to me that in 2000 years the message of Jesus is just as relevant to the world as it ever was.

That’s just so real to me. It’s amazing to go back and re-read Jesus’ words that have been around for over 2000 years and find them “just as relevant”. His post rocks, so head on over and check it out along with the slideshow of snapshots from the festival.

ROCK ON team!