The Family International gets a Reboot

The Family International put out a press release about the “reboot” and the changes taking place in the Family. I’m really looking forward to this having a major impact on the daily working of the Family International. I also love the fact that they quoted Karen Zerby and Steve Kelly’s internal memo. Time will tell, but I think this is going to get cool.

3 thoughts on “The Family International gets a Reboot

  1. I think that the reboot is far more than just a simple organizational restructuring as the post claims. It’s a complete 180 degree on most of the fundamental beliefs of TFI and one wonders what brought on such drastic measures.

  2. I tend to agree and this was the only place I could find with some form of reflection on these major changes, nobody seems to talk about it anywhere, which I find a little strange.

  3. Wondering what the “reboot” means. It seems that many communities (i.e. people living together under one roof) have disbanded, while others have split up in smaller households. Perhaps even this is no longer true and communal living (in the way I defined above) does no longer exist.

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