The Family International Podcasts ROCK!

I’m loving the podcasts that this team has been putting together regularly. Sometimes you just want a little variety in your devotions or a short pick-me-up and there’s lots of great material at The Family International Podcasts. (You don’t need an iPod to listen to them, there’s a host of ways to subscribe.)

The BiblePod is just like what my dad used to do when I was a kid, he’d read us a Psalm each day in the morning and I’m thinking of playing these for my kids when they wake up in the morning to help them start their day.

If you were to string together the Daily Praise with the Daily Might and From Jesus With Love and top it off with Connection through Meditation that’d make between 10-15 minutes of variety.

And hey, that’s not to mention all the great Activated material on there too. I just haven’t gotten around to listening to those yet. I’ll bet you could put together a great playlist for the day. But what are you listening to me for? I’m sold, but the site sells itself, check it out: