Thoughts – By Rich Alcasas

The following was sent in by Rich Alcasas who is doing missionary work with his family in the Philippines:

For many of my best friends and even missionary acquaintances I have found two things true at this time of Family history: Change is inevitable and the results of these changes are unpredictable. Myself included, I do not know what the future holds but i could not have asked for a better change that broadens the scope of opportunity to effect change in a fast paced global egomaniacal society where souls are lost at a greater rate than those starving of malnutrition.

With these new opportunities granted through the Change Program comes a much greater responsibility to make sure you are strong enough to change and to more importantly effect positive and lasting change where you are.

One thing that is now history is an elitist perception that what we have done is enough to guarantee success in the future, that bottle has been shattered. The future is what we make it, if we want the world to realize our new Offensive and image, we need to build what we have been called to build, that flock, that soul nurtured and fed and, that life free from its past torment.

Here is a loud shout to all those ready on the starting line of opportunity, may we all succeed in the Mission. Albert Einstein said that ‘great spirits are always fought by mediocre minds’ We all know how true this was for the revolutionary theories he brought to the science community, what greater truth do we have to offer and what greater opposition do we have to tackle, but what greater satisfaction is there then bear and share the seal of salvation and eternal life to the whole world.