Witnessing at Cervantino

Members of the Family International attended Festival Internacional Cervantino 2009. They stayed at a campground, witnessed and had some prominent Family musicians perform including Jeremy Spencer and Vas Myers.

I didn’t attend (wish I had), however I was able to round up some pics from around the web. (Note: If you attended Cervantino and want to send us a write up, blurb or testimony we will post it.) Enjoy the pics!

5 thoughts on “Witnessing at Cervantino

  1. My reply to “Real life Witnessing”.

    If you go to my Site, you will notice that Wall full of Snow!!
    I like your point in saying that before you go out witnessing you pray and ask the Lord in advance!

    That is why I posted that Wall, among other reasons, becouse I recived from the Lord in prayer that we would see here in my area a Very great cold coming our way! And it has! We have minus 8 and Freezing cold here!

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